Unless you are someone who lives at the very top of the Himalayas with no human contact, but an occasional “hello” from the odd Yeti, then you have heard about the 3d printer phenomenon. From the White House to Amazon.com absolutely everyone is talking about it and taking advantage of what it can do.

Printers that can create a solid form or replica of an item are becoming vastly popular because of this ability to re-create everyday objects and things. There is a new generation of machinery, which has the amazing ability to create various objects using different materials and all from the very same machine in a minimal amount of time.

Recent creations include machinery parts and components, running shoes, clothes, plastic toys, food, and more recently a fully functioning firearm. Millions worldwide have embraced this technology and there has even been talk of trying to recreate human body parts, read more on it here.

This type of technology holds no limits other than the user’s imagination. You are living in a world where everyday items can be made to your exact customized specification. Imagine a home filled with furniture that you created or shoes that match the size of your feet perfectly, and clothes that hug your figure just right, all this is achievable at the touch of a button.

Society has become extremely advanced and the power of the technology that you possess is mind blowing. Affordable 3d printing is now available to the masses and it has put a full new scope on tailored customized manufacturing.

If someone had said twenty years ago, that the majority of shopping would be done via a telephone or small hand-sized computer, they would have been laughed at for predicting such a bizarre scenario. Well, it is happening now and everyone is loving how technology is influencing lives and continuing to shape the future.