The technology of 3d printing has burst onto the scene with new life and it’s all thanks to the new ways and applications in which it is now being used. The art and technology of 3D printing has been about for some time and is not new technology, as mentioned above, it’s only the “new” ways it is being utilizing.

There are new ideas, shapes, concepts created, and coming to light every single day. This technology has the power to create practically anything you want. Think about this, if you had the right amount of financial backing what exactly is it that can stop you?  Today the offered printers are very economical, smaller in size, less bulky, and the services it provides is high in value for your money and it’s fantastic.

Everything from iPhone cases, running shoes, prosthetic limbs, meats, foods, and even biodegradable clothing have all been successfully made using 3D printers. There seems to be only one limit and that is if you want to make something serious, then you need real financial backing behind you.

Recent headlines breaking show that a company in Texas has successfully created and test fired a 3D printed metal gun. This has set alarm bells ringing, as if it wasn’t bad enough that another company had initially created a plastic 3d printed functioning fire arm, now metal guns are being printed.  What needs to be mentioned is that the printer and materials used in creating the metal gun are very expensive and cost more than 3x the value of a home. This means that it isn’t really affordable to the general public.


There does seem to be some limitations to be set, exactly what can be printed and created should have tighter guidelines and laws. This technology and the services that it can offer are amazing and do hold endless opportunities for the user and it is in the “limitless zone” that needs a few codes and standards of practice to be followed.