It’s amazing how three-dimensional technology holds the power to influence and advance current services available. Now, 3D printing is taking a bite at expanding into the Dental/Orthodontics industry. It will help develop in the production of various dental fixtures.

Avi Cohen director of Global Dental at Stratasys

The director of Global Dental at Stratasys knows the impact 3D printers have been making only too well. Avi Cohen, pictured above, points to a scanned image of a partial denture wax up. The wax up is assisting him in model production. It is cutting the time it originally took to create fixtures.


The dental industry is happily embracing the new WDM (wax deposition modeling) 3D printers as it increases product creation, decreasing the development time, enabling them to get patients the fixtures in a much faster turnaround time versus the traditional methods of denture manufacturing.


contour bridge casting

An example of a full contour bridge casting which was created using a Stratasys CrownWorx 3D Printer.

The FrameWorx™ and the CrownWorx™ are radically redefining and modernizing production of dental crowns, retainers, and partial denture fixings. This is significant progress made by the development of these two printers from Stratasys only adds to an already impressive range of 3D printer families.

Dental technicians are looking forward to the Objet Eden260V  becoming a part of dental lab equipment all over the world as well. Start to expect dental products in a faster amount of time and in higher quality.

3d printed denture mold

The dental manufacturing industry can expect to produce higher quality accurate wax-like materials available through 3D printer materials. It means higher quality crowns, bridges, and partial dentures, designed with greater detail and higher accuracy levels.

It’s exciting to be a part of the growth development and a witness to the vast potential of product improvement this technology is bringing to the table.

CrownWorx and FrameWorx 3D Printers

CrownWorx and FrameWorx 3D Printers