The world of 3D printing is thriving, full of life, noisy, and experiencing lots of creative action. Every single day news outlets report on new advancements, including in-depth coverage of this technology and the many ways it is being applied and used to better lives. Check out the picture below courteous of

3d printing used to rebuild victims face

Recent news shows how this incredible printing system is being used specifically in the area of rebuilding a new face for a car accident victim. The victim was a motorcyclist and his face was so badly damaged that specialists have to use professional 3d printing to rebuild his face more accurately and help put his life back together.

This news has had major influence in the medical field of reconstructive surgery and it gives hope to other victims that have had serious damage to their appearances due to circumstances outside of their control.  The team of British surgeons involved in this pioneering operation are using newly created facial parts designed and printed from a 3d printer based on a scan of the person’s face.

The surgeons are using additive manufacturing and reverse engineering to re-create exact match and fitted parts to help in the rebuilding of the victims face. This proven printing technology is at a stage where anything is possible to those who dare to venture into the unknown.

This technology is now included in classrooms and universities all over the world, 3d printers is starting to be embraced by numerous industry sectors. Why? The answer is very simple, these printing method results are extremely high quality, work is handled speedily, and it produces amazing outcomes every time it is used.

This technology has come a long way and is progressing and advancing rapidly, lives and the future are being shaped as we speak and 3d technology is helping mold that shape.