The coolest thing around right now is 3d printing technology; it has inexhaustible opportunities. Three-D printing is causing quite a stir.  It’s influencing many different people and many different business fields, and rightfully so, as this technology has serious power behind it.

Chuck Hull

It has come a long way since Chuck Hull first invented it, well over 30 years ago. The first models were cutting-edge and innovative, but large and costly.  Generally, the services were limited to scientists, engineers, and some of the bigger manufacturing companies.

However, 3D printing services are well into the mainstream and manufacturers of these printers are creating more affordable models, which can easily look at home on your desk or in your garage and the result is an increase in popularity.  Being able to print your prototype designs brings a certain freedom that is not found in many other technologies that are around at the moment.

Perhaps the predications are on track, and this type of printer equipment could soon become part of the average household appliance list. It seems to be that everyone is talking about it, and everyone is trying to come up with, or trying to create the “next big thing” through 3D printing.

If you are the kind of person that has ideas, but never the opportunity to create a prototype, this might be the option for you. A printer like the Mojo 3D printer is the perfect starter. Do keep in mind, it’s important to understand the project you are undertaking first before purchase.

Understanding what’s needed helps you decide from the many products available out there to buy. Good news, this type of equipment is more accessible and easier to use and many of software updates is done through an internet connection.

This year sales of 3D printers are through the roof, proving that this technology is growing in demand by the day. It has certainly changed the creative process for consumers, and looks like it will be a continual influence on the way things are made in the future.