The new technology that everyone is talking about is 3D Printing and it has exploded on to today’s scene in style. These printers are hot off the press, and are arguably the coolest things available for purchase on the market today. The use of these printers has become increasingly in schools around the globe, although, there are still many schools only flirting with the idea of implementing this technology within their establishments.

Any teacher who is looking to add them into their classroom would benefit by doing their homework to find if there is funding available for this technology through the school or educational board.

The use of this technology can help drive pupil attention and involvement in practical studies where 3d printed objects can be handled by students, thus aiding discovery and understanding in the topic they are studying. The results of this would be more pupils passing tests and exams because of this hands-on approach to teaching. More innovative teaching methods would be involved, rather than only trying to depict aspects of the textbooks. Note: This technology is not meant to be introduced, in order to reduce the number of textbooks, but work alongside textbooks adding to student development.

3D Technology revolutionizing education

There is a need for positive action and teachers should be looking at grabbing the pupil’s attention, helping them become more involved in studies, and partake in classroom group activities. The long term results could show an increase in pupil development and a higher rate of student’s exam pass rates.

The 3d printing technology is still in its infancy stage, in terms of school involvement, but the future of its prospects looks bright. The future of student’s looks like a future filled with more opportunity than ever before. It all starts with meeting pupils on their level right in the classroom.