Now with all types of technology there are always going to be critics, people will always have their opinion on what is good about the technology and what is bad. The technology of 3d printing has been around for some time; for instance, car manufacturers have been using 3d printers for years in the process of rapid prototyping.

The cars people are driving now more than likely have had some form of 3d printing carried out in the design process. Although, 3d printing and 3d scanning still has a long way to go before individuals can set aside a few hours each day to create their very own hatchback in a garage! Three-dimensional printing technology has actually grown rampantly in terms of advancement and popularity.

There has been more of a focus on the negative concerning plastic and metal firearms that have been successfully created in recent days and months, rather than the other positives that have come from this technology. Yes it is right to be concerned about a technology that can easily put a gun in the hand of someone who is irresponsible or intending to do no good with it.

3d printing in action

With so many lives affected in a positive manner, and so many sectors including hospitals, schools and education all being influenced for the better is it not right that the focus should be shifted to how this technology has improved the lives of people than the potential threat of making a gun. In any case, only people with serious clout or heavy financing can seriously think about buying the scanners and printers that are able to make these guns anyway.

This technology has taken its rightful place at the very front of cutting-edge breakthroughs and rightly so, as it has sat unnoticed and in the dark for far too long, 3d printing stand up and take your place!