It is all the rage at the moment and it’s the tech that “everyone and their granny” is talking about. It’s not the price of a blue rinse at the local hair salon, but something far more interesting, its 3D printing technology!

Now, all is forgiven if you are feeling out of the loop on the latest headline news regarding this technology. Truth be told, in the tech savvy world, it seems hard to find news about anything else. It has given the more imaginative, creative, and arty patrons of society the ability to create what they want without any real limits.

Some have even designed items that have tested the limits of national security with fully functioning printed firearms, thus sparking ethical debates. With the current condition of gun laws already strained, it could be argued that 3d printing technology and its recent advancements only adds fuel for those arguing for tighter restrictions.

There are however, plenty of positives outweighing the negatives when it comes to this technology. One of the coolest things about printing solid objects is that it empowers the users. Users have successfully created real cookies using computer aided manufacturing, literally at the push of a button.

3d Printed cookies

In medicine, scientists have successfully printed hearts, (that’s right an organ), which has helped dramatically in their surgery attempts. Surgery and operations can now be carried out with more safety precautions that are more effective and beneficial to the patient.

This type of technology is taking off and seems to have no restraints or limits. It has improved the way we live our lives and the quality of it for the better. The recent reduction in price for these printers has meant more people have the opportunity to embrace it as a whole, and learning how to use it easily.

How has 3d printing technology influenced your life? How has it improved the way you live? If you can’t answer these questions, maybe it’s time to get on board and learn about the possibilities it has for you.