The 3D printing industry is growing by the minute, a variety of different creations are brought to life each day throughout different parts of the world. They are using 3D printing technology to design cars made strictly from three-dimensional printed parts. This print technology and the engineers behind it are showing the world its “muscle” and ability. They are shaking up the methods in which items are traditionally made.

Many questions have been raised over the last six months regarding 3D printing:

What’s all the fuss about 3D printed guns?

How do you even work a 3D printer?

Are 3D printer products expensive?

The above are all valid questions that are connected to this growing technology. Yes, most of the questions seem to be about 3D printed firearms but this is mainly due to the media directing focus and attention towards the only one area of breakthrough that is dangerous?

The question that you should be asking yourself is, “What can I make?” This question should be pulling you into exploring the endless opportunities this printing possesses, and the many things that can be made.


The hype and buzz around this technology has helped add numbers to its already growing community of users and fans. Everyone from the individual users, multi-national brands, to corporate companies has been drawn to this technology and exploring its uses and reaping in its benefits, such as faster production time, less waste materials, and lower costs.

Three-dimensional printing is opening up a new world for innovators everywhere, but most importantly, your ideas and creations can be brought to life. You only need to take the time out and understand its many possibilities.