The desire for 3D printing services is at an all-time high and the demand climbing. The ability to laser scan an object and print it into a solid form has been around for quite a long time. For example, the entertainment industry has been using it to replicate props to cut down on production costs for years. Why is such a fuss being made about its creations now?

This type of technology has grown in demand and rising in popularity possibly due to a few different reasons. One is that the actual cost of 3d printers has drastically decreased. Making them more affordable and within a suitable price range, which generally pushes more sales. Two, you can now access one through local office supplies store depending on the area you live.

The applications in which 3d printing can be used have advanced and there are more materials that can be used in the printing functionality. More of a variety of products and ideas can now be designed. Three, these printers are easier to operate and understand, which has meant more and more people are experimenting with the endless possibilities that this technology possesses.

People now understand the benefits and the high-end results that a 3d printer can bring them; it has been well publicized and rightly so. The times are definitely consumer/product oriented and the demand for high quality digital manufacturing is a real need.

Nike 3d printed football boot

Many big named global brands and industries, including fashion, are already trialing 3d printing in their marketing and to great success.  This technology and the results that it brings can captivate and hold an audience, ultimately drawing in more and more people to the popular brands using it to engage with customers. Take a look at how McDonald’s is thinking of using this technology, here