Three-dimensional print technology is increasing in popularity, and many big global brand names are looking for ways to take advantage of the high quality results 3D printing brings.

Let’s look at one of the companies, BAE, a British defense company, is one of the latest names to embrace 3D printing technology. BAE has been using the higher-end models to create parts and components on their fighter jet planes.

BAE Systems shared that the fighter jet made with 3D printed parts has successfully passed a test flight operation. The result of this test flight success has paved the way for the opportunity for wider use of this technology and its techniques in a whole range of manufacturing fields.

Demanded products and parts can be made quickly and effectively with this technology. Watch the making of the part and flight…


Trends are showing that this advanced printing method can radically transform the current methods and standards of manufacturing and reduces manufacturing costs on materials and waste. Virtually anything can be created, from custom items like plastic toys, to working parts and components on fighter jet planes.

Consumers and manufacturing companies alike now possess the power and capability of creating what they like at any time. Consumers recently gained access to desktop sized 3D printers and hobbyist have been playing around designing new and innovative products, all this from the comfort of their own home.

This technology has reached new levels. The proof is shown with the Tornado fighter jet fitted with parts that were created with this printing process. The question remains, “is the sky the limit”. When it comes to three-dimensional printing the only limit is the budget and imagination. As it seems now, the boundaries are limitless, and the capabilities endless.