evidence shows that more and more companies are looking at new ways of getting involved in the 3d printing industry. The main questions being asked right now, what are the main ways to integrate 3d printing technology into an already well-functioning business, as well as, what are new areas and ventures that can be built around additive manufacturing?


Each day more applications being created utilizing three-dimensional printing and scanning technologies. There are so many possible business opportunities now that future predictions are out about how it has already started to influence households and small businesses shopping habits.

It points to drastic changes in the way certain industries go about design and manufacturing now that they no longer have to outsource this to third party companies. Rapid increase in popularity has resulted in the reduction of price allowing more and more to embrace this technology as regular operators and users. Three-dimensional tech advancements is not a passing phase; its influence has already had a massive impact saving and bettering lives.

With continuing new developments made every day it has vastly improved the overall quality of how people live, this includes a set of medical breakthroughs.  Case studies and concepts such as creating printed limbs and customized prosthetics are only a few medical miracles to come about solely based on three-dimensional technologies.

Being able to print in solid forms has allowed inventors and creators to bring t ideas and designs to the table and to life. The only real limit is in the imagination of the user.

Items made with 3D Printers:

  • Shoes with built-in iPhone Case
  • Bionic Ear
  • Guitars
  • Sculpture of a Skull
  • Clothes
  • Jewelry
  • Art
  • And more

Check out photos of all these items here.