There are many critics of 3d printing and 3d scanning out there, and yes they are allowed there view and opinion concerning this technology, there opinion may not be correct never the less they are allowed there view.  I wonder if the initial crowd of people who fobbed this technology off when it first came on the scene all those years ago are anywhere to be seen?

Comments like “it will never take off” and “it’s a passing phase” must look very silly now!  When this type of technology first came on the scene it was mainly used by engineers and scientist to carry out their daily duties. Today 3d printing and scanning has so many varied and accessible applications that it has done nothing but improve our life’s and also improved the area of digital manufacturing to a higher level of quality and functionality.

With a number of sectors embracing 3d printing and implementing it in the way they do their business daily, surely it proves that this technology has positive benefits and is only growing in popularity as the days go on.

Yes it may not be possible yet to close your elf in your basement and get to work on creating your custom made jumbo jet or racing car, but the 3d printers and scanners that we are able to buy today are only the start of revolution.  The models that you can have in your own home are well able to create things of smaller size with no issues and of very high quality.

3d Printed racing car

The thing is this whether you like or understand 3d printing is irrelevant as this technology is growing and evolving just as society is, as society is getting more advanced this technology is moving in the same direction. It’s time to embrace and understand the trends showing this technology as being as important and beneficial as it is.