The technology of the 3 dimensional printers has been in the news and brought to the forefront of the public the past few years. Many of the articles are praising its limitless possibilities and the quality of work it produces. This is not a new technology, so why all of a sudden is it everywhere?

3d printing technology in the home

One of the main reasons people are now talking about this type of technology is that prices have dropped dramatically over the last five years, and now the development of the desktop 3d printer has made it possible for more people to bring them into their homes and it has increased its popularity.

Printers have dropped down so far in price that the avid hobbyist can now afford to purchase them. Many are learning how to use them and taking advantage of the benefits that this equipment possesses.

One could easily buy one of these machines now at a mere $1000.00, however, they do range in price upwards depending on what kind of job the printer must carry out. For some, even a thousand dollars is not cheap, and maybe they only need it for one job. In that case, many experienced companies out there can provide a high quality printing service. All an individual would need to do is forward the CAD design and the company would successfully create the item.

For those who would need the technology more than once it is now at a point where its usability is easier to learn and understand, and as previously mentioned more affordable. It is safe to say that 3d printing has influenced the world in so many ways, especially in the past decade. It is a leading technology proven to create high standard prototypes consistently. The advancements of this technology are thrilling, and a future with it looks far better than it does without it.