3d printed limb

The thought of printing a new limb to replace a damaged one sounds unreal; it sounds more like something that could happen in a Science Fiction movie  that is set in the far off future. The reality is, 3D printing technology is doing just that, printing customized limbs, and making this development a real possibility in our world now, not in a far off future.

Those concerned with the technology of 3D printing have long been saying it has the power to change the world we live in and improve the way we live our lives. With the influence and help of 3D printing, what we know now and the technology we use each day as a society will be barely recognizable in the next 75-100 years because of the rapid progression of 3D printing evolution.

Experts are predicting the human life span will be extended to an average of 100 years. These predictions do not look far off the mark with organs and veins already being created with bio printing technology.

The beauty of using 3D scanning and 3D print technology is users have a freedom available no other technology can provide. Whatever the user can imagine is now accessible using the variety of applications that come with laser scanning and 3D print equipment. It has advanced so much over the past five years and with the increase of materials available to use means the only real limitations to using this technology is the imagination of the end user.

What sets apart 3D printing in manufacturing processes over the more traditional methods is it costs less, less waste in materials and product from design development to production table happens at a much faster rate.

The 3D printer and 3D scanner technology has taken the world by storm, its ability to create virtually anything has made it a big hitter in the tech world. These two technologies have shown astounding capabilities in providing accurate results and high quality products. The amazing thing is we have yet to push it past its limitations.


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