Have you ever wondered how the tiniest of components fit exactly without fault or blemish into their adjoining parts. It’s not luck or just a skilled worker good at his job; the finished results are achieved by using the high quality services of a 3d printer and scanner.

The technology of 3D printing is widely used in the area of prototyping; this radically helps its user to evaluate the form, fit, and functionality of new design ideas and concepts.

Many different types of 3d printing technologies exist today; they all, however, do the same thing. They all have the ability to create 3d objects by a process of building it up layer by layer until the finished object is complete.

Each layer is thinly sliced and placed on top of the previous layer until the object has been built up. With exact precision, it carries out the print job, building up into a fully formed and functioning object.

One example of 3d Printing is its use in creating prosthetics.  About four years ago, in 2009, after having a tumor removed, Eric Moger was left with a massive hole in his face because of the lifesaving surgery that took place. His face needed to be re-built; they did this by creating 3d human tissue.

His face was scanned using 3d laser scanning technology. The data from the scan was collected, sent through to a 3d printer, which was able to create an exact replica of the undamaged side of his face. The 3d printer was able to build a nylon mold of his face and layer after layer. After the nylon mold had been built up, it was then used to build up silicon prosthesis for Eric.

The use of 3d printing in medicine, and its possibilities are endless, and it’s only limited by an inhibited imagination. Yes, it’s still in early stages, but more and more materials are becoming available to use.

The world in which we live is changing every day, and as technology advances so does the importance and need of quality created products. Using 3d printers and scanners only ever produces the highest results, ensuring quality product design and creation, adding the ability to get the products to the consumer in lightning time.

The use of 3d printers and 3d scanners is only going to grow in popularity worldwide. Why? Because the speed and accuracy, at which it works is second-to-none, saving time, money, and resources, all the while providing quality assurance.