Most people involved in working with 3d printers love the limitless abilities and options available. Many people are obsessed with it, and rightly so, as the future of 3d printing is bright and very much alive. Ideas are really only limited to the imagination and how far one wants to push it in regards to creating new innovative objects, here is an example of a guitar printed. (click here for case study).

3d printed guitar

You can expect the services of printing three dimensional objects to continue to grow steadily, and become increasingly more popular. In the area of business, which uses prototyping, with low-volume production running on (very high-end machines), aerospace, the medical sector, just to name a few, are all taking advantage of this printing technology because of how fast and accurate it is.

Is it possible that this cutting-edge technology become a household item for daily use in the near future? The answer to this question will become clear over the next 4-5 years and the technologies advancement.

It can be agreed that we are still in that honeymoon phase period with 3d printing, yes, we stand in awe of what it can achieve and of what it boasts in both potential and abilities. We need to see how this will grow over the next few years though, to gauge its possible success for the consumer. The way it is heading, however, is definitely pointing towards a future where this type of printing is very much alive and more engaged with our day-to-day business endeavours.

This is only the beginning, in terms of our relationship and exploration of three-dimension technology, but intuition says that the relationship between consumer and this specific technology is only going to get stronger.