It is the latest technology to burst onto the scene and it holds the attributes and abilities to change the world. Experts and manufacturers alike estimate that the need for the services of 3d printers and scanners will expand, landing them in every single home in the near future.

Users of this technology have the capability of creating and printing off custom designs and replacement parts simply at the push of a button. The explosion of 3d printing and its ground breaking advancements has allowed creators worldwide to bring their ideas to life with unprecedented success. Phone covers, athletic shoes, to firearms have all been created using 3d scanning and printing technologies.

A new project by the Science Museum based in London, England has seen a new exhibition opened that focuses solely on 3d printers and what they are capable of printing. The exhibition focuses on what this machinery has already made, achieved, and what they are likely to be doing in the future.

This type of technology is in its very early years and has many applications in which it can be used. The exhibition shows this off wonderfully by displaying great examples of the equipment and its capabilities. From the tiniest of components to replacement teeth, each stage of production is marked intricately for the viewer to see.

What’s so exciting about this technology? One amazing aspect is how it is transforming the process of reconstructive surgery for surgeons throughout the world. For example, scientists at Queensland University of technology in Australia are able to create a biodegradable scaffold which helps support damaged and cracked skulls and encouraging new bones to grow. The development of these types of medical discoveries is exciting indeed! Who knows what this technology will hold for the future of medicine.

This technology has limitless possibilities and is there for any to enjoy and embrace. Look to find out as an individual how it can benefit business and/or everyday life for the better.