In the past few months, NASA has been working on different avenues that will allow them to take 3d printers into space. Why? So, that they have the capability to printing food. Wow, space exploration just became even cooler than it already was!

Space Station Pizza Parlour

There are so many things achievable from using three-dimensional printing; creation of just about anything is possible. Spend hours of fun, designing and printing smartphone cases, racing cars, watchstraps, running shoes, you name it, it can be printed!

At the moment, the world is in a craze with the ability to print solid, true-to-life prototypes. What can be scanned, adjusted, re-designed, and printed, means people from all over the globe are scrambling around to try to be the next name in 3d printing innovation. Scientists are already experimenting with printing human organs, and body part replacements attached to skin grafts. View video, here, to learn more!

As this type of printing increases in popularity, the good news is that it has become more affordable to members of the public. It does not take a chemical scientist, sitting in a lab, to work this innovative technology, however it is a good idea to have understanding of laser scanning, and CAD software.

The equipment has evolved from being large, and bulky, to compact, fitting right on a desktop. Many companies like, Neometrix Technologies, Inc., offer a range of affordable desktop printers. The ability of the 3d printer is only limited to you and your creativity. Keep in mind, you need to have the right type of printer for the right job, specifics differ and vary in every model.

The technology world is advancing at a frightening rate, it has entered sphere of limitless possibilities. Grab a hold of it, feel the inspiration of creativity, and let it challenge you passed your imagination’s limits.