There have been many new ideas and many new creations brought to life with the help of 3d printing technology and the advancement of over the last few months and years. Recently we heard that the first ever 3d printed plastic gun had been created and test fired successfully by its creators Defense Distributed.

There have been so many projects completed with the help of 3d printing that it can be hard to keep track of what the newest thing has been and is connected with this type of technology. Inventors and creators alike have had the opportunity to bring their ideas to life due to the actual costs of 3d printers and its services being reduced into a more affordable price range.

3D printers can use a variety of different materials from plastics to metals, we have already touched on the first 3d printed plastic gun and now there are headlines concerning the first ever 3d printed metal gun designed, created, and fired successfully.

There have already been critics to this development area of 3d printing, whether it is plastic or metal any firearm that is created is a potential hazard, as any gun is, in the wrong hands.

The beauty of the 3d printer is that it has come so far and is now making more headlines each day with is fascinating developments. The world of technology stands in awe and applauds advancements made by 3d printing and scanning technology. It’s no wonder some of the world global brand leaders are looking at ways of implementing 3d technology into their marketing and into their brand in some way or form.