Founded in 2015, Yubonic has recently released its new Human Arm. The Italian tech startup is on a mission to accentuate worldly technology around the globe while working to enhance human intellect and physiology.

Youbionic has been dynamic in the 3D printing and robotics world, presenting unique bionic figures to augmented reality. Their latest device was inspired by the anatomy of the human body designed to be capable of fluid natural movement. The Youbionic Human Arm is meant for students and professionals specializing or with an interest in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Youbionic Human Arm is the device that will get you high-value robotic skills in the job market,” states the Youbionic Team

The high-level, affordable robotics can be 3D printed from a workshop or a 3D printing service such as NeoMetrix. Upon purchasing the.stl file for use, designers of all levels can use predefined shapes and sizes or customize the device themselves. Included with the file are simple instructions; Youbionic Handy Handbook, for assembly and steps for connecting servomotors. Along with Arduino code, technical drawings, wiring diagrams, and more.

“Until now the market offers professional robotic arms at inaccessible prices, or you find toy robotic arms at cheap prices,” states the Youbionic team on their website. “We designed and developed a bionic device with unlimited motion potential, and we did it with accessible components that contained the cost.

“We believe everyone should have access to the incredible technology available in our modern age.”

Price for Human Arm parts: 

Technical Details:

  • Robotic Type: Active Movements
  • Number of active Servo: 11 for Handy
  • Number of active Servo: 4 for Arm
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Kind of Actuators: Servo Motor SG-90 – MG996R – DS3225
  • Servo SG90 Torque: 2.5 Kg/cm – 11 Kg/cm – 25 Kg/cm
  • Arduino IDE for programming
  • Materials: PLA 3D Printed
A barrel opener and a wrench 3D printed for the U.S. Army. Image via US Army.

3D printing and robotics continue to complement one another as technologies that are constantly evolving at a rapid speed. Due to ongoing advancements and the incredible affordability of 3D printing.


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