The aerospace industry was one of the first to really embrace 3D printing technology’s potential benefits in part manufacturing. At this year’s Paris Air Show (52nd annual), one of the top aviation showcases in the world, many of the latest additive manufacturing innovations in aerospace will be put on display from some of the top aeronautical firms in the word.

An aerial display at last year’s Paris Air Show

Anticipated 3D Printing Product Releases

  • BeAM Machines will exhibit their Modulo machine which is capable of 5-axis machining of Directed Energy Depositions (DED), a complex printing process commonly used to repair or add additional material to existing components.
  • Anjou Electronique will display their additive manufacturing capabilities for repairs in aerospace.
  • Poggipolini (Italy) is set to show the product of its partnership in additive manufacturing Dragonfly where 2 firms have constructed a production system in Bologna containing complete EOS machines
  • MK Air will be showing their utilities in relation to stainless steel and aluminum. (Click for more on Metal 3D Printing)
  • Trumpf will showcase their Laser Metal Fusion machine, the TruPrint 3000, with a new accompanying software that was recently developed by their new partner, Siemens.
  • UK Additive Solutions and Renishaw Engineering will exhibit their RenAM 500 laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing system with their specialized QuantAM software which was recently acknowledges by 3D Printing Industry.

According to Renishaw’s Head of Global Additive Manufacturing, Clive Martell:

“The aerospace industry was an early adopter of additive manufacturing (AM) and is rapidly taking advantage of its benefits. As part of the Renishaw commitment to industrialising AM we have developed intuitive software and systems and we are supporting the adoption of AM via our global network of Solutions Centres, where customers can evaluate Renishaw technology and the benefits of AM in a safe environment, at predictable costs, before investing in equipment.”

The Airbus Beluga will feature the new 3D printed drilling templates.

Adding to the list of exhibitors are aerospace industry leaders Airbus and Boeing, who are expected to have various previews of their Beluga XL and A330neo aircraft models which feature many 3D printed components. Dassault Aviation of Dassualt Systèmes’ is also expected to make a big return to the show.